I started Taxidermy in 1990 with the hopes of being the best.  I have achieved my goal and am now proudly serving many repeat customers.  My customers look to me for great quality and incredible service.  I try to deliver on these expectations every time.  I have a 6 month guarantee turn around time on my mounts.

My main reason for getting into Taxidermy was being disappointed with the taxidermy work I was paying a professional taxidermist to accomplish, and the cost of the work itself. I keep my prices down because I want Hunters and Fishermen to be able to afford to get that Trophy mounted, no matter how big or small. To me, a large deer head or small deer head, a large fish or small fish, are all prizes because of the experience and time you have spent in the outdoors, especially if you were with family or friends.

I believe that your satisfaction should be guaranteed.
Preserving the right to hunt and fish begins at home. Take someone of interest hunting or fishing with you. I LOVE both sports, but most of all I love the time I get to spend with family and friends, It's pictures like these that will last a lifetime with you and your family. No matter what the prize may or may not be.
3 Generations of Hunters: Wayne (Taxidermist) Jason (Son) & Gaige (Grandson)
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